What’s No.1 ?

Chain Performance

Strong but Light –

DID chain provide superior performance under any condition of usage. The chain performance is made from DID’s original chain processing technology and surface treatment methods of steel products.
Basically chain is likely to be made thicker and heavier for its longer life under the harsh condition of usage. However DID engineering philosophy stands on opposite sides. That is, DID think the nature of chain is strong but light.
As one of the most important part of driving unit, chain assumes a large role of transmission of power while keeping a harmony of all the mechanism. For adhering to the role, it’s necessary to seek stronger but lighter chain and eliminate the obstructive factor of heaviness. This attitude is very essence of DID engineering philosophy and it can be true to improve DID’s surface treatment technology which is superior in anti-wearing performance. DID’s strong but light chains are in the top level for anti-wearing performance, low fuel consumption, comfortable riding and so on.

Tradition & Innovation

Trustful Relationship –

Trustful Relationship – 80 years has passed since DID established in 1933. As a pioneer of a chain company, DID has developed many products which are familiar with people around the world. DID users have a strong faith to DID products’ trademark. In order to reply the trust, DID has sincerely produced chains. As chains consist of many parts connected, DID has been popular and loved for a long time continuously, and world representative riders have been attracted and given high marks and confidences in the various top races. Anytime, DID makes best effort to match your needs and support you, which shape the traditions of our trustful relationship.


Frontier Spirit–

D.I.D has had a frontier spirit since established. More and more expand our passion to introduce D.I.D products to every part of the world as well as developing and improving technics in relation to chains. That is because of existence of DID lovers looking forward to the products. This is the greatest glory and the major driving force of the following new challenges.

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