Seminar at Laos On date > 19th to 20th January 2016.


!!! Sabaydee in Laos. Frist time. D.I.D Asia Co.,Ltd. Action Seminar activity join with KK-Arai Distributor spare parts Motorcycle parts in the Vientine of Laos country by Mr.Thanasak Sales and Marketing Expert from D.I.D Asia and Mr.Sinchai Managing Director form KK-Aria. For this activity is Seminars knowledge to Introduce about Technology of Chains and all item products of D.I.D and new models. We are D.I.D supply to OEM, OES, Automotive and others in Markets Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and other country in the World”s. So, for this seminar to university engineering departments. Through products with the aim of D.I.D. To provide knowledge and understanding about chains,resulting in future students will have a chance. Open trade Parts Automotive parts or car repair shop in the country. The students are very interested. Therefore D.I.D Asia will conduct seminars to educate students continues in each province. Laos country next.
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