Activities Against Imitation

D.I.D Attitude Your satisfaction is our delights
We are honored to be chosen as your partner, and as an indispensable presence for your car life, we would like to continue to offer and introduce our fulfilled products all over the world.
It is our wish to build up a stable and trustful relationship with you and it makes great contribution to our activities.
One of our activities, we hold a DID technical seminar to each distributor and custom of each country in order to block off imitations which damage our relationship.
Also we develop the system for making sure of the DID genuine product.
"Everything is just for your genuine car life." We always support your more satisfied driving through the activities.

Seminar Report

D-JUDGE Genuine Products Judgement System

D. Judge is the developed system to identify your purchased products are genuine DID products or counterfeits, and it ensures safety and confidence in our products
In order to use D judge, the optimum internet environment is required.
We request to fill in some of your personal information in D.JUDGE system. Therefore, in case of access from public computers, it is recommended to make sure the security level of the computers.
Collected personal information is used only for anti counterfeit activities and our marketing purpose. We shall not disclose such information to third party.

We look forward to your access to D. Judge and hope it makes your motorcycle riding more comfortable.

Djude Djude